When is the right time for an associate to make a move?

Associates often wonder when the best time in their careers is to make a move. There is no definitive answer to this question but there are important things to be considered. If an associate has been at a firm for two years and they are generally happy with their chosen area of practice but are finding that the firm is not the right fit, this is an excellent time to look around and explore other options. We often hear that “all firms are the same,” but having worked at three Am Law 100 firms I have seen how different the firm cultures can be. An associates’ fourth or fifth year is a great time to start evaluating their career path at their current firm. If the odds of making partner are stacked against him this is an opportune time to make a move. You want to be at a firm for long enough to establish yourself before you are considered for partner. Lastly – if you take the leap of faith and stick with one firm, just be sure that you have gotten great experience and built a resume that will allow you to stay in the drivers’ seat of your career.

The best news is that 2011 is off to a great start and there is a significant increase in opportunities for associates looking to make a move!

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