Should You Hire A Legal Recruiter For Your Energy Law Firm?

Should You Hire A Legal Recruiter For Your Energy Law FirmPerhaps your energy law firm is thinking of adding a new attorney and wondering how it should approach the recruitment process. When used properly, a legal recruiter can do wonders for your energy law firm.

It is said that law firms have a love-hate relationship with legal recruiters. This is because the recruiters can place attorneys in law firms as well as place them away from law firms. It is also because they do not understand the recruitment process. Despite this, they should consider taking the services of a legal recruiter.

As a result of the problems between the energy law firms and the legal recruiters, the relationship usually ends up being a sour one. However, legal recruiters know exactly what they are doing and can help one in recruiting the right candidates for the jobs.

Here are some of the benefits of using a legal recruiter for your energy law firm.

They are important

No matter whether you loathe them or not, legal recruiters are important for your business. They can save your firm a lot of money, time, and energy that would otherwise be used up in finding the right candidate.

Because qualified lawyers are high value human capital, the right one would add even more value to the company.

They add value to your firm

Legal recruiters make sure they bring in the best candidates for your firm and add value to your company. For recruitment firms, they do not have any bars to entry. Moreover, they are fully well versed with the recruitment process and can bring the best candidates. However, you have to make sure you hire only someone with prior experience in the field. If the recruiter is a former lawyer, he will be able to add more value to their services by helping you select the right candidate because of their prior experience in the field. The consultant will also be able to provide an accurate assessment of the different candidates for your field of work.

Reality check

Most of the recruiters for law firms would be able to provide the candidates with a reality check. There are also recruiters, who would not provide your candidates with a reality check for fear of losing a candidate, who is possibly placeable. It would be a waste of time sometimes to interview candidates, who cannot answer certain questions and legal recruiters are well aware of that. Therefore, they use alternate recruitment testing procedures.

Advice on the process

Most of the legal recruiters provide advice on the process of recruitment as well as on the salary and the compensation. As a minimum, they will try to provide written specifications on the interview structure and the timings. In addition, a recruiter who is competent will also be able to provide the candidates with a history of the role they have to perform. Most of the legal recruiters will also be able to provide you with useful, professional information that nobody else would be able to give you. Hence, you should consider hiring a legal recruiter for your energy law firm.

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