Saying Thanks!

Many candidates ask if a thank you note really makes a difference. The answer is definitively “Yes.” A note is important because it shows the interviewer a sincere appreciation for their time and consideration, and it gives you one more opportunity to stand out amongst a sea of competition. The note should not be too long, a few sentences will due. Express your gratitude and reiterate something you discussed in the interview. If you had something in common with the interviewer or learned about something he was interested in mention it in the note. If they told you about a really exciting case or deal they worked on reiterate how interesting it was to hear about. The note should be professional in tone but it does provide you an additional opportunity to establish a personal rapport.

The big debate these days is whether a note should be emailed or handwritten. A hand written note will really stand out in an interviewer’s mind. So few people bother these days, so it can be a great point of differentiation. However, in our world of instant communication the note really needs to be put in the mail the same day as the interview. In some instances, such as when it appears that a decision might be made in the next day or so, go ahead and send the notes by email. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to make one last positive impression. Sincerity shines through!

Check out this recent article that shows what a few industry folks have to say about the note….

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