Saying Goodbye

Resigning is never easy. When you have worked for a firm or compnay for a number of years it is likely that you have formed many close relationships. It can be an emotional process and a job change is pretty high up there on the stress chain. However, it is crucial to your career that you handle your resignation as professionally as possible. The legal community is relatively small and it is highly likely that you will continue to encounter these colleagues throughout your career.

Be sure to be gracious towards your former employer for the opportunities they have provided for you. Keep your communication concise and positive. Two weeks’ notice is customary but also prepared for the possibility that they may want you to move on sooner, particularly if you have been working on confidential matters. On rare occasion a firm will ask you to stay on to finish a matter. This is a very challenging scenario as your new employer is likely to be in need of help. Try to reach a compromise with your current employer to help maintain the relationship but professionally speaking it is best to move on.

Be sure to take the time to speak with as many of your former colleagues and staff before you move on. Express your sincere gratitude for the opportunity to have worked together. Leave on a positive note…. You never know where your next case or deal may come from!

If you have questions about how to leave on a high note or would like to learn about new opportunties – contact Lori Black with Warren Recruiting, Inc.

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