Looking For a Career in Energy Law?

Looking For a Career in Energy LawThe energy industry in the U.S. is in a rapidly growing phase. With high potential for growth and development comes the need for energy attorneys. Energy firms in the U.S. are on the lookout for talented and efficient energy attorneys who can see not only the lucrative opportunities of this sector, but also the myriad ways in which they can help to move the energy industry forward and make a difference for future generations.

The energy industry spans both the domestic and international sectors. This includes solar power, oil field services, and LNG. The gas and oil industry also has upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, with there being unlimited opportunities for qualified and passionate energy attorneys in each of these sectors. The upstream sector, also called the exploration and production sector, needs lawyers who know the intricacies of this complex environment. The midstream sector, which involves transportation, storage, and marketing, also needs lawyers who can help these industries to achieve their full potential while safeguarding their interests. The downstream sector is connected with the local utilities. This covers the full spectrum of the energy industry.

The laws are unique for each of these sectors and energy lawyers who know the intricacies of each are in highly coveted position to provide legal advice that balances the interests of the firm with national interest.

Working as an energy attorney gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy a highly lucrative field while fulfilling your need to contribute to society. This is a field that is constantly evolving and innovating. You can choose to work in nuclear, oil, gas, biofuel, renewable power, water, etc. You can deepen your knowledge and expertise in just one niche area or choose to generalize and broaden your scope of knowledge to include all the areas.

When you choose to be an energy lawyer and work in this sector, you will be working with companies who are Fortune 500 to mid-tier firms in Houston, Texas. There will be opportunities to practice and advice on laws relating to trading, regulatory bodies, and compliance with national and international laws. Your advice and expertise could pave the way for newer horizons for these companies. Your guidance will be much sought after, whether it is on laws related to biohazards and toxic waste, or usage of land, or to advice on land rights, transmission and use of energy, guidance on compliance with regulatory boards, etc. There is never a dull moment as an energy attorney!

As an energy attorney, you would be called upon to use your skills in diverse areas, from consultation of clients to advocacy, litigation, integrating issues with the management, etc. It does not matter whether you have had prior experience in the energy industry. All that matters is that you have the skill, passion, and determination to succeed and be one of the pioneers in an industry that will be the torchbearers of the next millennium. A rewarding career in energy law awaits you in Houston!

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