Interviewing Tips from Desiree

Often at the end of an interview, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions for them. I have stumbled in this situation myself because there were times when I genuinely didn’t have any questions that had not already been addressed and answered or that I had not already learned during my pre-interview research of the firm. However, I have learned that it is always best to ask a question; it shows you are engaged in the process and interested in the firm.

The question doesn’t have to be tricky or elaborate, in fact, it’s better to keep it simple and general; you don’t want to stump the interviewer or cause them to have to go look something up. Some good questions can be as simple as “What do you like about working for this firm?” or “What do you find most challenging about this position?”. Your inquiry will leave the interviewer with a sense that you have a genuine interest in them and in the firm and that’s always a great note to end an interview on.

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