Interview Tips and Techniques

10 Tips for a More Effective Legal Resume
By: Morgan Sheinberg Warren, Esq.

1. Tailor your resume – take the time to highlight experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for, do not just send the same resume for every job opportunity

2. Keep it simple – one page is ideal, two pages is the maximum, three pages is futile; keep your descriptions precise, avoid the use of “I” or “my” and if you use a second page, put your name and contact information on the top of it

3. Skip the objective – everyone knows your objective, to be an excellent lawyer

4. Don’t be cute – no pictures (even if you are a model), drawings, artwork, frames or creative fonts

5. Put your best foot forward – put your most impressive credentials first; if you went to a fantastic school list your education first; if you worked at exceptional firms or companies put your job experience first

6. Everyone knows what a Summer Associate does – do not try to dress it up with fancy descriptions and if you have extensive experience do not waste space by describing your duties

7. Tell the truth – do not make up jobs, experiences, grades or community involvement, the truth will always come out in the interview

8. Be active – accomplishments are more important than responsibilities so use active voice to energize job duties and successes

9. Set yourself apart – if you have a particular interest or hobby that makes you unique, add it under a “Personal” or “Interests” section; but keep it professional and use discretion, not everyone is impressed that you attend Star Wars conventions

10. Proofread – lawyers are hired to pay attention to detail

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