How a Legal Recruiting Firm Can Benefit Your Career

How a Legal Recruiting Firm Can Benefit Your CareerWhen the economy is on an upswing, it would be wise to hand over the responsibilities of looking for a new position, which would fulfill your potential to the maximum, to a legal recruiting firm. When the economy is facing a downturn, many firms are not willing to hire the services of a legal recruiting firm, but will be more than willing to do so to hire the best talent when the economy is faring better.

While it is possible to get the best openings and opportunities through networking and referrals, a legal recruiting firm will have thousands of more networking contacts that you could ever have. A reputed legal recruiting firm will also have access to numerous positions that may be just right for you, but which may not have been openly advertised or talked about. Getting to know this may sometimes happen only through your legal recruiter.

Most legal recruiting firms are staffed by attorneys themselves, so you can be rest assured that they will understand your expectations to the letter. You can rest everything from your CV to the preparation for interviews in their experienced hands. With the expertise of the attorneys in the recruiting firm combined with your own experience, landing the job of your dreams is easy, no matter which industry or practice area you may be looking into.

Texas is a treasure-trove of wonderful law opportunities in many different industries and sectors, from the energy sector to corporations. Tapping into these openings, whether permanent or temporary, is as simple as hiring the best legal recruiting firm in Houston, Texas.

The energy sector in Texas is rich with jobs in varied and diverse sectors, such as oil, gas, LNG, power, etc. Apart from Texas, there are industries and corporations in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio that offer exciting opportunities for experienced and attorneys.

Attorneys at a legal recruiting firm can even represent you in the first stages of the recruiting process, making sure that your CV gets the attention of the important decision makers.

Some of the advantages of the hiring a legal recruiting firm can be summarised as follows:

  • Legal recruiting firms will be well versed with the dynamics of the particular industry or niche area that you are looking to practice in.
  • Brushing up on interview skills, presentation skills, even rewriting CVs and cover letters, are done by legal recruiting firms so that you are well prepared for any opportunity at any time!
  • You will get the inside information on the salary and compensation to be expected, especially if you are looking for opportunities in practice areas that are new to you. This will help to ensure that you get what you really deserve.
  • You can have interviews arranged at your convenience, which may not be possible if you are directly interviewing for a job. With a legal recruiting firm, this is possible.
  • Legal recruiters help you negotiate a better package than if you were going in directly.

Having a legal recruitment firm take care of your career opportunities can lead to career growth and opportunities in new practice areas which might otherwise have seemed difficult to get!

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The Exciting Field of Corporate Law

The Exciting Field of Corporate LawAs long as there are businesses, there will be a need for corporate lawyers! In doesn’t matter whether it is a small business employing a few hundred people or a large corporation employing thousands of people. Corporate lawyers are an important part of the organization.

Corporate law is not only challenging but satisfying as well. You get to guide the company you work for through the minefields of regulations and laws. You help to nip problems in the bud, before they ever get to the litigation stage. You can help prevent disputes and strikes, thus saving significant the organization significant amounts of time and money.

Lawyers in Houston, Texas, have a wide range of opportunities to start their careers corporate law. Attorneys in Houston, Texas, already having an established legal practice are highly in demand as corporate lawyers.

There are many advantages to working as a corporate lawyer over working as an attorney in a law firm. Companies are known to reward their corporate lawyers not only with a very lucrative salary but also added incentives, such as club memberships, company cars, company cell phones, and even stock options.

Being a corporate lawyer in Houston, Texas, enables you to have much more control over your working hours. They do not always have to bill their hours and work to get the necessary billed hours. Moreover, corporate lawyers have a one-one-one relationship with the company they work for and do not have to deal with many different clients. This helps to focus and excel in one chosen area of work. Also, working in a company as a corporate lawyer give you a more exciting social life.

As a corporate lawyer, you will be exclusively responsible for handling all the legal records, contracts, and documents associated with the company. You will be able to guide and advice the company on future prospects and possibilities. Corporate lawyers are also well versed with the intricacies of laws related to securities, intellectual property, code compliance, etc. There is never a dull day as a corporate lawyer. There is always scope for upgrading your skill and keeping abreast with the law on a day-to-day basis.

A corporate lawyer can work with individuals from the company he is working for or represent the company itself in a court of law, if need be. They have to have excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, high levels of energy, good observation skills, be a quick learner and have an inquisitive mind. They have to work with not only people from within the company, but also with lawyers from other companies as well. Whether negotiating with other companies or with other law agencies, or drafting a contract, corporate lawyers have to be skilled in both oral and written communication. All this must be done while keeping the best interests of the company in mind. Knowing all the laws are not enough, it is also essential to know how to apply them at the right time and in the right way.

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Litigation Associate for Boutique Law Firm

Warren Recruiting’s client, a  highly successful Houston based boutique law firm, is seeking an exceptional 4 to 5 year litigation attorney for it’s growing team.  The ideal candidate has hands on experience with all facets of complex commercial litigation.  As a trial law firm, the work is broad in nature and includes business litigation, contracts, business torts, oil and gas litigation, banking and lending liability, trade secrets and noncompete agreements, employment and labor law, real estate litigation.  

Strong writing and oral communication is required as is a Texas Bar license.  Top academics and a judicial clerkship is preferred but not mandatory.  Compensation is between $160,000 and $200,000 depending on experience and performance.    This position is located in The Galleria area of Houston, Texas (77056).  

For more information, please send resumes to


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Warren Recruiting Acquires MS Legal Search

25-year legal recruiting veteran joins forces with Houston’s

next generation of legal recruiters

HOUSTON, TX – (March 30, 2015) – Warren Recruiting, a boutique legal search firm focused on the search and placement of lawyers in Texas, is pleased to announce its expansion with the acquisition of MS Legal Search, a 20-year attorney search firm that has placed hundreds of experienced attorneys with law firms and companies in Texas and around the world.

 “We are thrilled to announce Warren Recruiting’s growth with the acquisition of MS Legal Search,” said Morgan Sheinberg Warren, Founder of Warren Recruiting. “This acquisition allows our firm to further expand our presence as a dominant player in the in-house legal recruiting market, and brings with it more than 25 years of industry experience from MS Legal Search founder Elaine Makris Williams, who will continue on as a member of our team.”

An accomplished lawyer, Morgan Sheinberg Warren graduated from The University of Texas School of Law and began her career as a lawyer practicing at some of the top law firms in the nation including Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP in Houston, King & Spalding LLP in Houston and Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP in New York City. During her years practicing law, Morgan was involved in recruitment and found she had a passion for making the right connections. Her role as a lawyer, combined with a decade of legal recruiting, enables her to uniquely connect with both candidates and clients, truly understanding the goals of each and identifying the right opportunities that will turn into lasting careers and relationships.

Elaine Makris Williams also graduated from The University of Texas School of Law and began her career practicing law with a top Austin law firm. She relocated to Houston and joined a Texas-based legal recruiting firm, where she became a principal and owner of the business. Elaine subsequently founded MS Legal Search in 1995 and developed a strong reputation for in-house legal placements.

“It is very important to me to be associated with a firm that does quality work and is highly ethical, creative, and effective,” said Elaine Makris Williams, Founder of MS Legal Search. “Not only do I respect and look forward to working with Warren Recruiting, I can introduce them with confidence to my clients.”

The acquisition of MS Legal Search by Warren Recruiting enables the expertise and insight gained by one generation of Texas’ legal recruiters to strengthen the leadership and experience currently being provided by the next generation of legal recruiters in Texas. In addition to the knowledge Morgan and her team have always possessed, Warren Recruiting now has additional resources to better service both clients and candidates looking to fill and acquire legal positions with firms or corporations throughout the state.

About Warren Recruiting

Warren Recruiting is a boutique legal search firm, matching well-credentialed attorneys and legal professionals with leading law firms and corporations. Their personalized approach to recruiting shows their commitment to serving their clients and candidates with respect and confidentiality, all towards the goal of creating lasting relationships. Warren Recruiting has completed over $100 Million in searches.


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Finance Attorney for Top Texas Firm

Warren Recruiting is seeking a Finance associate for a prominent Houston-based law firm to join their Finance team. Candidates should have 3 years of prior experience in general corporate or finance transactions, commercial lending, real estate finance or energy finance. Real estate experience is a real plus for this practice. No prior focus on finance is required, but it’s a bonus if you’ve done some finance work before. Work at the firm will include loan syndications, debt financings, acquisitions and trustee representations. Candidates must be team players, be able to multi-task on multiple deals at once and have strong communication skills. Heavy client interaction should be anticipated and you will have a leadership role on deals. Partnership prospects are real at this firm. All of this with good compensation too!

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Why You Should Choose an Attorney Placement Firm

The number of reasons listed for what to look for in a search firm should provide a good idea of their advantages to your career, not to mention landing the right job for your needs. However, there are other reasons as well as to why a proper Houston executive search firm is the right choice for your career goals.

Establishing a relationship with the right search firm means that you will have an experienced company working for you to find better opportunities in your field. This can be of great service even if you are happy with your employer. You never know when opportunity is going to strike and having the right search firm at your call can be a tremendous asset. This is especially true if the unexpected happens and you need to find new employment or you grow tired of your current job.

In addition, with attorney jobs in Houston growing and people starting up their own firms to take advantage of this unique market, you may find yourself going from a customer to a client of the search firm that helped you find your first legal job. They can be a tremendous asset in helping you find the right people for your firm or practice as they offer professional assistance with years of experience. When you consider the resources it would take for your company to search and hire the right people, you can really appreciate the skills, dedication and expertise that they bring to the table.

All in all, finding Houston legal jobs is far easier when you have the backing of a search firm that is familiar with the market, has relationships with a number of firms and employers and fully invests in you with the proper coaching to ensure that you maximize your chances to succeed.  Contact search firm Warren Recruiting for more helpful information.


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What to Look for in an Executive Search Firm

There are a number of aspects you should look for when it comes to finding the right Houston executive search firm for your needs.

Association: A reputable search firm will have memberships with recognized organizations whose standards they must meet. Being a member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC) should be the minimum when selecting a company. It also helps if they are members of local organizations as well because this means that they are more engrained into the community.

Longevity: While being in business for a number of years in and of itself does not denote its status, it is a very good indicator that they are dedicated to finding people the right type of jobs. Longevity also means that they have built relations over the years with many of the law firms that may be looking for a new hire.

Consultation: Basically, this is how the search firm advises you in terms of what to do in order to increase your chances at landing employment. Remember, it is in the search firm’s interest that you find a job so they want to give you the best chance possible in order to succeed. This will mean that you will get solid advice on the following;

  • Resume Preparation
  • Job Interview Coaching
  • Guidance in Career Goals
  • Understanding the Houston Market

The resume is your introduction to the company which needs to be well crafted so that it makes a good first impression. In addition, the job interview coaching provides much needed advice on how to conduct yourself especially in terms of answering questions to reinforce the good impression your resume has made.

Many law students fresh on the market may not fully understand all the job opportunities that are available, especially in the Houston legal market which is constantly changing to meet the needs of the people. You may find that there are better opportunities that are waiting for your skills and talents and the right search firm can find them for you.

Reputation: Just like any other business, a search firm can be checked out on the internet to see how customers feel about their service. While even the best firms will have a few negative reviews, for the most part you should be looking for patterns that may indicate they are not the right ones for your needs.

Such patterns include being shuffled off to different representatives instead of having one person handle the search, a limited number of firms where they have established a relationship or poorly kept records where they might overlook a potential candidate for a job. Such reviews are ones to keep in mind when searching for the right firm.

Different Types of Work: One important aspect is that the search firm looks for openings on a temporary as well as a permanent basis. This is important as many young attorneys start off by doing temporary work for two or three or more firms which help them build up the experience and reputation needed to land a permanent position.

For those who are just starting out, finding temporary work when permanent positions are not available can create excellent opportunities in the future for your career.

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Houston Executive Legal Search Firm

Houston Executive Search Firm

An executive search firm can be considered a boutique-type service as compared to general employment firms that have connections mostly with blue-collar work. This type of search firm specializes in white-collar employment that includes finding positions for young lawyers. Such firms exist because they provide a great deal of assistance to law firms that are usually too busy or do not want to spend the resources needed to recruit young talent.

In the Houston area, the number of executive search firms is on the rise thanks to the overall population growing which is in turn providing more opportunities for young law graduates or those who have had some experience in the profession to find the right company for their needs. There are new attorney jobs in Houston opening up on a regular basis and search firms are part of the fabric that helps law firms and many other professional companies find the right person for their employment needs.


When it comes to finding a job in the legal profession, especially for those who have yet to build a strong track record or create a network of their own, then the services of a legal firm will be paramount to your efforts in finding the best job opportunities for your needs.

The advantages start with the very nature of the search firm itself. The entire firm is built around the premise of networking with all types of companies so that anyone who utilizes their services will have more job opportunities. While it is true that many employers will advertise their services on the internet through various job sites, white collar employment groups and particularly law firms prefer to use a reputable executive search firm to handle their needs.

Plus, there are companies beyond standard law firms that may be hiring legal assistance, so they might provide you with career insight that you otherwise may have overlooked in terms of where you can find gainful employment.

In addition to having more job opportunities at your disposal, you’ll also have the guidance of experience recruiters  with Warren Recruiting who understand what it takes to get hired by many of the firms in the area. For the young job seeker, their advice is certainly quite valuable in how to address all the details when it comes to landing the right job.

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Law Jobs In Houston Texas

Law Jobs In Houston Texas

When it comes to finding Houston legal jobs there are innumerable opportunities considering the sheer size of Houston its growing population and the legal needs that will have to be fulfilled in over time. For the young, aspiring law student who sees the potential for moving to Houston and finding a job, it may seem like a synch to get hired.

However, with the larger population, the greater demand and the recognition of Houston as one of the faster growing large cities in the United States comes competition. Good competition means that law firms will not just hire the first law graduate that walks through the door as they can afford to be choosy in whom they select.

For those who have just graduated, your school should be the main source of finding an employer as the vast majority of law graduates use the services of where they got their degree to get employed. For those who have been employed in the field and are looking for new challenges in the Houston area or those few who were not able to find a job through their school, then you’ll need some assistance when it comes to landing a job in Houston.

So, when it comes to finding attorney jobs in Houston, the emphasis will be on gaining every advantage possible so that it increases the chances for finding good employment. Obviously, good grades, excellent recommendations and fulfilling all the requirements of being an attorney which include passing the bar exam are standard practice, but it will take more for you to find the right job.  Working with a local, experienced legal recruiting firm Warren Recruiting will help you navigate law jobs throughout Texas.

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Top Firm seeks Real Estate Partner

Warren Recruiting’s client, a top Texas law firm, is seeking a real estate partner with 8+ year of Real Estate expertise.  The ideal attorney has experience with leasing, acquisitions, development or finance.  The firms offers a full service platform with a client friendly rate structure. Compensation is strong and is based on the experience of the attorney.  Must be Texas licensed.

For more information, please contact David at

Warren Recruiting is a leading relationship builder, matching well-credentialed attorneys and legal staff interested in new legal jobs with leading law firms and legal departments of top corporations. We focus on search and recruitment in the US and have recently placed attorneys in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, The Woodlands, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California. We have placed Partner and lateral attorneys in the following practice groups: Litigation, Corporate, IP, Health Care, Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, Appellate, Antitrust, International Arbitration, Energy, Public Law, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Trust, Tax, Estate Planning, Trademark, REIT, Securities, Banking, Capital Markets.

We have assisted partners and associate attorneys who have worked at Jones Day, King & Spalding, Andrews Kurth, Dewey, Vinson & Elkins, Littler, Greenberg Traurig, Haynes and Boone, Hunton & Williams, Looper Reed, K& L Gates, Jackson Lewis, Coats Rose, Baker Botts, Conley Rose, Coxsmith, DLA Piper, Fulbright Jaworski, Winston Strawn, Skadden. And other AMLAW 100 and AMLAW200 ranked firms with legal jobs and attorney hiring

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